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Romeo's Village

Children’s World

“Hi kids! I’m Romeo, Hotel Columbia’s crab mascot. Father Sea and Mother Ina sent me here to enjoy the many colourful spaces and adventures dedicated to little travellers like me and you. I will tell you everything because I’m an explosion of fun and games!”


A dazzling child’s play area!

Inside the play area, many of my adventures around the underwater world are represented. Kids, you will find soft mats and soft games, a ball pool and entertainers that await you in the baby park for meals.While you play, your mum and dad can eat peacefully, keeping an eye on you from the restaurant monitor!


Among the galleon ship and play area

I still remember when the pirates galleon ship appeared suddenly in the garden. What an adventure discovering it’s secrets! There are also elastic games, a basketball court where you can challenge yourself to a mini tournament in the pine shade, as well as so many tables to have breakfast in the open air. (slurp!)

Area baby

In the pool like VIP’s

What kind of a crab would I be if I didn’t dive into the water at every opportunity? Fortunately, at Columbia the beach is really near but when the urge becomes irresistible I go up on the terrace floor and (splaaash!) jump into the swimming pool there. That way I take advantage of the snack and and join the workshop in the baby area!


Sun, games and soft sands

Ah, I love the beach! Luckily Marina Romea is perfect for little crabs like me: velvety soft sand, clean water and at the perfect temperature and never too deep. Then there are many play areas to have fun at alongside the entertainers!


A winter garden!

My little crabs, did you know that in the winter we have an extra play area? There is a colourful veranda next to the restaurant, that turns into a relax area while mum and dad are at the table, When they see how much fun we are having ….they will join us too!