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The kitchen

Tummy get ready!

We have a large variety of delicacies to choose from that come out of our kitchen. Have a supersonic breakfast, a lunch that’ll keep you coming back for more, afternoon snacks for the sweet-hearted and finally a heavenly dinner. Freshness, high quality ingredients, and inclusive beverages are the keys to all this goodness.

Happy Breakfast

Happy breakfast…

A great breakfast? A sure thing is that it will be extra large! Everyday from 7-10:30, we prepare an abundant buffet you can enjoy in the garden under the shade of the pine trees. Oven fresh croissants with your choice of filling, delectable pancakes and waffles, freshly baked cakes and focacce , sour dough bread, Nutella, muesli, cereals, rice puff cakes, cold cuts and cheese, eggs and bacon, milk rolls, yogurt and seasonal fruit are all part of the breakfast entourage.

Cucina Retro Restaurant

The real Romagna

We await you for lunch and dinner here at out restaurant to pamper you with traditional Romagna dishes. Each day we prepare everything in the buffet style freshly, served to you by our staff. You can sample a la carte before ordering. At the Poke Station for lunch you will find salads, cereal, sweets, fruit; and for dinner cold cuts, cheese, fruit, sweets and vegetable and even pizza!

Refreshments and snacks

Its more fun all together!

Kids don’t schedule anything at 4 pm. We await you for your Columbia snack. Cakes, focacce, pizza and yogurt fruit, and Nutella on bread will give you the right energy to compete in the beach tournaments, go diving, do workshops and enjoy the evening shows under the stars. Our entertainment staff will fill your plates with yummy treats to make your fun snack special!

Children at the table

“Can I lick my plate?”

At Columbia it’s a requirement! We love to make kids happy and reassure parents. We select the best food and prepare simple and appetizing meals that kids will like. Pasta with tomato sauce, fish fillet, seared meat, piadina filled with Romagna deli, sausage and fries, and pizza. After lunch and dinner the entertainment staff await the children in the Playroom for the baby park activity (12:00-4:00 pm and 7-11 pm), while mum and dad calmly enjoy their meal and watch their kids from the restaurant monitor. In the winter time there is also another space for games on the veranda right next to the restaurant.