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It’s always play hour


Mini Club on the beach

A relaxing 5 minute walk in the shade of the pines. From 10 to 12 noon on the beach, the entertainment staff gathers the children at the Mini Club with tournaments, dancing on the beach and games, while mum and dad can relax.

Lunch and dinner

Baby Park=Joy!

After having filled their tummies with authentic meals from Ristorante Retro, your children can come with us to the Playroom for Baby Park activities (We promise to impress them!). When? Everyday from 12-3 and 6-10pm. Parents can watch their kids having fun from the restaurant monitors.


Workshops and refreshments

A little nap to re-energize, an in-hotel snack for champions…and then off to the beach where the entertainment team amuse children with workshops and afternoon games, from 4-6! A concentration of diving, creativity and fun.


Baby Night

The night’s are young at the Columbia, in fact they are baby nights! At 9 pm we let loose with Baby Dance. Then at 9:40 the magic begins with puppet shows, singing, juggling and Italian artists which alternate on Tuesday. During the other evenings there are mini musicals, cabaret, Luna Park, group dance and team games.

Baby Advisor

Here is how the little ones tell us!