Welcome to the Cucina Retrò Restaurant at the Columbia Hotel

Cucina Retrò, the new Columbia Hotel food provider

Although regions’ limited resources have played a big role in our culinary tradition in the past, eating in Romagna means eating well.

Romagna’s cuisine is simple, rough, made with natural ingredients taken from the land, simply flavoured. Yet that delicious simplicity will leave you asking for more.

The brand new Columbia Hotel’s restaurant is named “Cucina Retrò” and it substitutes the former “Ristorante La Pioppa”: it was fully renovated in 2012, it’s included in the structure of the Hotel.

At Cucina Retrò we prepare Romagna’s typical fish dishes, meat dishes and Po Delta Park specialties: seafood risotto, “huge frying pan” fried fish, grilled eel, homemade pasta such as cappelletti and passatelli, piadina (a typical type of bread of Romagna), squacquerone cheese, grilled meat and fish…

To guests enjoying half or full board service we will offer daily menus with plenty of delicious choices: four options for First courses, four options for Second courses, vegetable buffet and fresh salads, fruits or dessert. You will always find at least one fish dish per day, at lunch and dinner.

During the summer we organize themed dinners and live concerts. Moreover, we organize typical artistic handicraft exhibitions and lectures about archeology, nature and culture.

Cucina Retrò’s recipes

Homemade pasta as strozzapreti, passatelli and cappelletti, sausages, chops, mutton are among our most famous (and appreciated) dishes. Our products come from the sea, from the countryside with local woods, so that our dishes are unique…and very tasty. Homemade pasta, with the dough made with the typical “matterello” and served with veal, wild boar or sausage ragout-sauce. Minestrone (a vegetable soup) and pasta with beans are equally delicious. Seafood cuisine is very famous around here,and it’s principally made with fresh fish and shellfish, fried or dressed with spices or flavours. Another popular dish is the “brodetto”, a fish soup typical of the Adriatic sea: in Romagna it is heavy-bodied, with an intense taste of vinegar, black pepper and tomato sauce.

Cucina Retrò is pleased to present some traditional recipes from Romagna in its blog. Proposing and reinventing great classics from the region has been an established practice for many years: our experience meets the desire to let our customers know fundamental aspects of our land and popular culture.