Po Delta Park: Nature and history

Marina Romea is the stretch of the Adriatic Riviera immersed in the protected natural oasis of the Delta del Po park. The resort is populated by a truly fascinating fauna. The area houses a large heron colony, one of the largest in Italy. At the mouth of the River Po also inhabit the pink flamingos, the birds that can be seen from the windows of Hotel Columbia.
Even the typical flora of the Park can give you intense emotions. Walk in the pine forest and let yourself be overwhelmed with the scents and delicate shades of flowering nature.

Ravenna, 19 kilometers from the Hotel, encloses an important cultural heritage.
The city includes a vast complex of churches, baptistery, and Byzantine style mausoleums. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ravenna has Etruscan origins and was the capital of the Roman Empire of the West. It still preserves ancient treasures such as the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare and the Teodorico Mausoleum.

Here is also the tomb of the great poet Dante Alighieri.