Welcome to Romagna!

History of the Columbia hotel

Gardini family has accommodated you since three generations!

The hotel has been run since the fifties by Gardini family. Everything has begun when the baker Ugo Gardini built his own hotel together with his wife Maria in the fifties. Columbia was the first hotel ever in Marina Romea. It was certainly a great investment, but their desire to start up their own business in the tourism sector was great too. As soon as the permissions were given, the building site was started.
Some years later their son Giacomo was born right at Hotel Columbia. He had the same passion as his parents and he handed it down to his own children, Giovanni and Valentina, whom he gave birth to together with his wife Rita.
Nowadays the hotel is in Giovanni’s hands, who still pursues his family tradition in collaboration with his wife Magda. Our services have been modernized according to the new needs, but our hospitality never changed: the warmth, the kindness and the reception are the same.
Come and see us! We look forward to knowing you!