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History, mission, services and opportunities at the Columbia Hotel

Marina Romea, a small seaside town near Ravenna in the Riviera Romagnola, rose to prominence during the 50s, together with the Columbia Hotel. The hotel was built by Ugo Gardini, a pioneer of the seaside resort, and it is still currently owned by the Gardini's family after three generations. The hotel sits beautifully in the town center, right in front of a narrow strip of pinewood that separates the residential area from the seaside. The Po Delta Regional Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the natural environment of the “Piallassa della Baiona” lagoon extend behind the hotel premises.

The Gardinis family is happy to welcome you with a warm, familiar atmosphere, so that you can feel at home. In order to make your stay more enjoyable, the staff and this website are at your disposal, to provide you with useful pieces of advice on nearby sights, museums, exhibitions, funfairs, horse riding, birdwatching, and all kinds of sports activities. A small hotel library, in which you can find information on local customs, traditions, history and environment, is freely available to all guests.

At the Columbia Hotel Ravenna you will find several pleasant areas where you can spend your leisure time: the brand new Bar Osteria Cucina Retrò (i.e. a traditional Café Restaurant), a living room with another café, a wide shaded garden equipped with tables and armchairs, a relax zone with a swimming pool and a solarium. In addition to that, a 25/30-people meeting room and a cinema hall complete the public areas services of the hotel. You will also enjoy our free internet connection with your own pc/mac/smartphone at any time (24/7) thanks to our fast 10Mbit free Wi-Fi connection.

The rooms, all welcoming and cozy, come with new LED tv sets, up to 32’’, with SKY PayTv. At the Columbia Hotel families with children are welcome and, upon request, we will provide you with cradles or beds with rails.

At the Columbia Hotel quietness and rest are the norm. Yet, if you feel like having fun, you will enjoy our concerts, shows, exhibitions, cultural events and children's entertainment!!

Other information

At the Columbia Hotel you will find a peaceful relax zone with swimming pool, a sunbathing area and a sauna. Almost every price list provides you with beach service as well: at the “Sirenetta” and “Paradiso” bathing establishments our Guests will be able to use the comfortable hotel bathing hut and will receive free beach umbrellas, deck-chairs and sun-beds!

Every room comes with a new LCD TV satellite set with SKY and PayTv, free high speed Wi-Fi (10Mbit) Internet connection, independent air conditioning, heating, safety box, bathroom with shower, hairdryer, telephone line. The upper level rooms also have a private fridge and a spacious balcony with sunshade.

The breakfast buffet is located in a comfortable area, partly indoor, partly - if you prefer - in an al fresco space in the hotel garden. A wide range of homemade cakes, hot and cold drinks and fresh fruits are included.

The brand new restaurant Cucina Retrò, fully renovated and air-conditioned in 2012, offers you a rich choice of local specialty dishes with either meat or fish and a vegetable buffet.

Our basic price lists are All Inclusive, Half Board and B&B. You can also choose among a wide range of optional offers which include, for instance, a ticket for Mirabilandia (a famous fun park) or a fantastic Byzantine Mosaic course.

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gestione famigliare dell'Hotel Columbia di Marina Romea, Ravenna
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10-26-2013 21:09:00

"Vallette di Ostellato"

The Vallette di Ostellato are halfway between Ferrara and the Adriatic Sea. They extend for about 280 hectares and represent the remains of the ancient wetlands of the old Valli del Mezzano before the last reclamation intervention. The oasis is a wetland of great natural value and in 1975 became an area of protection of wildlife. There are about 10 km of trails along which there are birdwatching huts, towers and shieldings, suitable for birdwatching and nature photography. The site is characterized by reeds, Bulrush, and Blackthorn groves, Elder, White Willow, Poplar, Elm and Oak. The several species of birds that can be observed at the Vallette di Ostellato make the oasis very remarkable. Throughout the year it is possible to spot many different species typical of the Po Delta (mostly water birds). The most frequent species of the oasis are: Grey Heron, Squacco Heron, Little Egret and Night Heron that live in a large heronry. It is also possible to see the Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Little Bittern and many Passeriformes who find shelter in the dense reeds. Finally the Anatidae, especially Mallard, Pochard and Greylag Goose nest on islets among the reeds. Several species of birds of prey, like the Kestrel, the Marsh Harrier, the Long-eared Owl and the Little Owl also find refuge in this area. Features: • Chance to see over 40 species • Birdwatching huts, towers and shieldings • Good practicability, possible presence of mud in rainy periods For your visit: • Open all year round at the following times: Spring / Summer 8:30 to 20:00; Autumn / Winter 9:00 to 17:00 • Recommended hours: early morning and late afternoon • Duration: minimum two hours and thirty • Access fee • Route partly accessible for disabled Services: • Visitor centre, museum and bookshop • Parking • Refreshment • Rent bicycles and electric cars • Guided tours • Binoculars rental Information: Ostellato (FE) Via Argine Mezzano, 1 44°44’38”N 11°58’8”E Villaggio Natura Valli di Ostellato Via Argine Mezzano,1 Ostellato (FE) Tel. +39 0533 680757 Open all year: Spring / Summer 8:30 to 20:00; Autumn / Winter, 9:00 to 17:00 Read more...
10-26-2013 21:09:00

Vallette di Ostellato

10-26-2013 18:06:00

Po Delta's rural environment and wetlands

Rural environment and reclamationAs mentioned before, (read chapter concerning geomorphology), land reclamation has had a very important role in the Po Delta since ancient times. Nowadays waterpumps, besides often representing an interesting architectural trate of the past, still carry out the important purpose of keeping “land above waters.” Thanks to the impressive network of canals and ditches and to the action of mechanical pumps, it is possible to drain or irrigate the land according to the different agricultural purposes. One must not forget that a great part of the Delta lies below the level of the sea. The presence of canals and ditches in some areas and the considerable extension of agricultural land, combined with the scarcity of human settlements, are excellent sites for wintering, nesting or feeding of various bird species. A rural area of particular interest is Valle del Mezzano, west of the Valli di Comacchio, with an area of about 18.000 hectares in which hunting is banned since 1970. Here you can see geese, cranes, storks, birds of prey, and some species of waders such as Lapwing or Golden Plover in winter and spring. The paddyfields between Goro and Gorino Ferrarese and more widely among Mezzogoro and Jolanda di Savoia are also another very interesting area. After sowing, and when the rice fields are flooded, birds can easily find their nourishment: it is possible to observe Mallard and Shelduck, various types of herons (including the remarkable Purple Heron) or other rare species such as the African Sacred, while among the breeding species note Coots and Blackwinged Stilts. Inland wetlandsWetlands are a mixture of marsh, fen, peatland and water, natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, with water that can be static or flowing, fresh, brackish or salt, including areas of marine water the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six metres. Artificial wentlands are “casse di espansione” or water basins and can be used for irrigation, both for civil or industrial purposes, for rice fields, or recreational areas for water sports and fishing, that in some cases become protected oasis. The artificial wetlands were created thanks to the application of agri-environmental devices. These sweet water basins are characterized by the presence of reeds, trees and shrubs which grow naturally in the plains and here one can also find other interesting aquatic plants, (almost disappeared in other areas) such as the Water Chestnuts, the Water Lily and the Buttercup. The bird-species change according to the season, often it is possible to see typically salt or brackish water birds. Read more...